Next Generation Networking Technology - for the security threats of today

Knowledge is power

With security platforms offered through Juniper Networks and iQSG gain visibility into network traffic, employee usage and stopped threats. 

The Juniper Security Suite spans:

  • Next Gen Firewalls
  • Sky Advanced Threat Protection
  • Security Director 
  • Secure Analytics 
  • Identity Management

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Build a network that eliminates threats from the outside, and in. 




The rise of CIO responsibility and the introduction of CISO

Security is a full time job, but is it always?

Security threats, breaches, insider foul play and cyber crimes are on the minds of all IT departments. Even SMB organizations can be the victim of a crime or be the pipeline into a bigger company for which they are just a third party. 

The CIO's role is ever expanding and especially in recent years with the onset of cyber crime. To faciliate a focus on Security, the CISO has been introduced in many locations as the keeper of security process. This goes to show the emphasis and need for a strong security practice.